FLO-TEC Corporate HeadquartersFlo-Tec was founded in 1976 in Largo, Florida as a manufacturer's representative agency marketing chemical pumps and control systems throughout the state of Florida. Flo-Tec grew steadily with the development of the irrigation industry in the Southeast.

During the 1980's Flo-Tec identified a need for water treatment products to address the water problems encountered in the nursery industry in South Florida. Flo-Tec successfully developed innovative chemical compounds to prevent heavy mineral staining on plants due to overhead irrigation of mineral laden water. From this came our Aqua-Solv® brand of irrigation water treatment compounds.

With the advent of micro irrigation and drip systems, Flo-Tec introduced it's line of Di-Solv® irrigation additive compounds designed to minimize clogging of drip and micro-jet emitters due to mineral and biofilm contamination.

FLO-TEC main warehouse Today, Flo-Tec treats tens of thousands of acres of irrigated citrus, fruit, vegetable, and nursery crops to maximize the effectiveness of water delivery for higher yields and lower maintenance costs.

Working closely with Florida State agencies and the EPA, Flo-Tec was first with the introduction of an EPA registered water treatment additive for the control of citrus canker. Flo-Tec's Canker Solv® and Canker Guard® products are used extensively throughout the state of Florida for the decontamination of equipment and personnel in citrus groves to protect a vital agricultural industry.

Flo-Tec's water treatment technology also improves drinking water. The NSF registered Aqua-Solv® and Aqua-Solv-SC® product lines are used by private property owners and municipalities for the prevention of galvanic corrosion of copper piping and minimize lead and copper leaching into the water associated with such corrosion. Flo-Tec's Aqua-Solv® products are used to treat over 50,000 apartment units throughout the Southeast to eliminate pin-hole leaks in copper plumbing, saving property owners thousands of dollars annually in maintenance costs and repairs.

Flo-Tec's newest product offerings are in food safety and EPA/OMRI registered Peracetic Acid Hydrogen Peroxide blends used from the field to the packinghouse to the table. Di-Oxy Solv Plus®, Peroxy-Punch®, and Peroxy-Punch 15® are the most advanced line of products with very versatile EPA labels for a wide range of applications in a single product. Flo-Tec has also developed the dispensers and application equipment to treat produce and personnel in the field and the packinghouse. Our personnel has been trained in HACCP and GAP so we may consult our customers with a wealth of knowledge.

Flo-Tec develops its innovative solutions in-house with our own state of the art laboratory dedicated to water treatment applications. The company sells products and services to clients throughout the U.S., the Carribean and South America. We are dedicated to advancing the technology of water treatment to ensure that your water works better.

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