Berry Boost

Berry Boost is a soil and growth media conditioner created to address problems experienced by blueberry growers. With just two treatments per growth and harvest cycle it was shown to increase blueberry yields by more than 32%.

In Flo-Tec’s on-going mission to understand and supply the needs of its agriculture customers, we do a lot of listening. Recently we have heard a lot about the challenges facing blueberry growers. The short seasons, lately impacted by too few “chill” periods, have combined with the hydrophobic nature of the pine mulch growing media to make it much more difficult to keep blueberries properly watered and fertilized. Substantial research led us to a new product formula that could solve the problems while also significantly increasing harvest yields. Island Grove Ag Products graciously provided several blocks of their blueberry plants for a year-long test of this new product. The test details and successful results follow -


Pine Bark has numerous strong points that make it the media of choice for blueberry growing in the Southeast.
Proper pH for blueberries • Resistant to decay and shrinkage • Internal pore space for water and fertilizer retention

Caution is recommended when using pine bark as a growth media for blueberries due to the potential of extra, undesirable content, such as manganese, lime and weed seeds, which can present problems to growers.

The most significant issue however, is the development of mold (mycelia) within the pine bark. Growers have experienced plant toxicity and lowered pH from this mold while also seeing hydrophobic conditions - bushes dry out  in spite of heavy and frequent irrigation.


• Correct hydrophopic nature of pine bark to allow better absorption and retention of water and nutrient

• Eliminate problems associated with mold & bacteria in growing media

• Condition soil to allow moisture & nutrient retention around blueberry root zones

• Save money on water & nutrients



1. Year long test at Island Grove Ag Products

2. Two Separate Test Plots in Hawthorne and Arcadia, FL

3. Each Test Plot divided into 8 equal zones

4. Half (4) of the zones in each plot were controls, while the other 4 were for new product testing

5. Both test plots were treated twice - first dose 1 week after pruning following harvest and second, 1 week after defoliation

6. Each plant in all zones was dosed with the same amount of water, either with or without new product added

7. All pick dates were logged and harvesting and recording was done by Island Grove personnel or subcontractors.

8. Berries from each zone were independently weighed and recorded on data capture sheets by Island Grove management




Berry Boost from FLO-TEC works - increased yields, with less water and fertilizer!

Data analysis indicates that there was a significantly positive impact on berry yield in the groups that were treated with Berry Boost.  Overall yield was improved on average of 32.15% compared to the blueberry bushes in the untreated control group.

With two simple treatments - one after harvest and cut back, and the other to help initiate new growth after defoliation - Berry Boost can provide better yields while helping to save both water and fertilizer.

Application and Dosage Rates**

Berry Boost™ should be applied at 4.5 gallons per planted acre, per treatment.

– Irrigation Application:  Set metering to fully apply 4.5 gallons Berry Boost™ per acre

– Drenching by Hand:  Dilute Berry Boost™ at 1:100 and apply around base of plants

** For questions about application rates contact your FLO-TEC representative

Call your FLO-TEC representative today to take advantage of this important new tool for blueberry growers!

FLO-TEC would like to express sincere thanks to Island Grove Ag Products for its help and assistance with this lengthy and involved project.

* Some information was utilized from “Fertilizing Blueberries in Pine Bark Beds” (B1291) published by The University of Georgia College of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences.

Berry Boost is not EPA registered and FLO-TEC™ makes no claims pertaining to its listing and/or registration.


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