pHix-IT Plus™

pHix-IT plus has all the benefits of Urea Sulfuric Acid with the distribution benefits of Growers Edge.

pHix-It Plus™ was developed by FLO-TEC as a single product to efficiently, affordably and safely reduce water pH and help distribute the irrigation water laterally in the oot zone. pHix-it™ is a stabilized urea/sulfuric acid blended in a 15/49 ratio that prevents ammonia release that can be toxic to many plants. It provides most of the benefits of sulfuric acid treatment, including reduction of water alkalinity, lowering of soil pH and freeing up micro-nutrients plus Growers Edge moisture technology and without the Sulfuric Acid's problematic handling and safety concerns.

The proprietary moisture technology used in pHix it Plus™ allows it to help prevent both emitter plugging and dry spots or hydrophobic water channeling in soil, resulting in healthier plants with a more marketable appearance. The surfactant component provides better soil absorption and better nutrient availability to plant roots.

pHix it Plus™is an affordable and efficient way to promote and maintain plant growth and health. It is injected directly into the irrigation line via a small, inexpensive injector pump.

If you are currently using both Growers Edge and sulfuric acid or N-Phuric, pHix it Plus™ can reduce both complexity and equipment requirements.

FLO-TEC™ employs a scientific approach to the proper treatment of your specific irrigation requirements.  In order to custom tailor a solution to your water delivery issues it's important to test a sample of your water for content, minerals and biologicals. Take advantage of our service by calling us and requesting a FLO-TEC™ Water Sample Test kit. The results will enable us to provide the most efficient and cost-effective means to keep your lines, emitters, tape and heads clean and functioning optimally … best for your crops and your bottom line!


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