"Breakthrough" is probably used much too frequently today. But, in the case of the new soil surfactant, GROWERS' EDGE® from Flo-Tec™, it's definitely appropriate. What would you call a product that can reduce water usage, concentrate moisture and nutrients around the root zone, as well as protect against transplant shock? How about a product that can increase yields for multiple harvests with just one application? We'd call it really helpful, almost indispensable!

Check out the details and the testimonials on this great new product by clicking here for the GROWERS' EDGE® page. Also, ask your Flo-Tec sales consultant about our Growers' Edge Ultra® and the added benefits of Fulvic Acid. Then, think about all the ways that it can help you maximize crop yield and reduce water usage. Give us a call for even more details!


To be able to provide more detailed information on our pinhole leak protection product LEAK GUARDIAN we have launched a website dedicated to this outstanding product.

Please visit us at: http://www.leakguardian.com

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