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Protect yourself from pinhole leaks in your plumbing. The FLO-TEC Aqua Solv Leak Guardian™ Is the most economical way of treating the expensive problem of galvanic corrosion.

Protect yourself from pinhole leaks in your plumbing. The FLO-TEC Aqua Solv™ Leak Guardian is the most economical way of treating the expensive problem of galvanic corrosion.

Rather than ripping down walls and repairing and/or replacing plumbing, our system produces a thin cathodic- inhibiting film barrier that virtually eliminates further corroding of plumbing systems.

The FLO-TEC Corrosion Control System is comprised of a high quality pumping system and a small storage tank for the Aqua Solv™, Leak Guardian corrosion-inhibiting compound. This robust and extremely reliable system is effective, simple to use, and covered by a FLO-TEC™ one-year warranty.

Because of a relatively low concentration requirement to treat most water problems, Aqua Solv™, Leak Guardian will treat many more gallons/ dollar than any other treatment, it's economical. And, it's uncomplicated, because after the initial water testing and equipment installation is completed, all that remains for the owner/operator to do is periodically refill the solution holding tank with water and Leak Guardian powder. That’s all! Refill intervals can be customized.

Hidden & Expensive Danger

Consumers are often unaware of the true cost of untreated water.  Because water can react chemically with plumbing systems, particularly copper and metal pipe, the result can be damage that extends far beyond plumbing.

Untreated water can cause expensive leaks, and sometimes the complete deterioration of the piping system (not to mention much of the surrounding structure).  It can result in interruption of service and overwhelming repair costs. It can also produce significant scale build-up in water heaters as well as in piping and other plumbing components.  This results in flow restriction and loss of water pressure.

How & Why It Happens

Iron, steel, galvanized, and copper water lines will always corrode.  Dissimilar metals in the same plumbing system generate electrical potential and an electrical current between various types of metals.  The most common configuration of the metal piping is black iron main, followed by galvanized laterals to the buildings and copper lines as final distribution lines. Since the wall thickness of the copper lines is the thinnest, it is in these lines that the first evidence of the corrosion is generally noticed.  Once a system starts to experience leaks statistics show that they not only continue, but continue at a sharply increasing rate along with the associated repair costs.

The Solution - Galvanic Control

The most economical way of treating the expensive problem of galvanic corrosion is to install a Flo-Tec Corrosion Control Treatment system on your domestic water mains. This system, comprised of a pump, mixing tank, and Aqua-Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN powder, introduce a thin microscopic film to the inside of the plumbing walls.   The film, called a cathodic inhibiting layer, acts as an insulator and prevents the electromotive transfer of electrons from one metal to another.  It eliminates further corrosion in the plumbing system and the pin-hole leaks  that would result.


Aqua-Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN is a unique powdered compound for the treatment of potable water. It is a safe, non-toxic, inorganic, crystalline chemical that effectively sequesters (isolates chemically), suspends and inactivates most metallic (mineral) ions in water. These mineral ions, such as Iron, Calcium, and Manganese are harmful, and many times do severe damage to commercial, domestic, and industrial piping and related equipment. These trouble makers (Calcium, Iron, Manganese) can be safely controlled by introducing Leak Guardian into the system in properly controlled concentrations. The dissolved Aqua-Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN will continue to effectively control the activities of the undesirable metallics in water - allowing your water to be "rust-free," clear, and preventing the scale build-up and corrosion that can damage your plumbing/piping system. LEAK GUARDIAN will also aid in removing previously deposited "scale" in main lines, valves, meters, heat exchange equipment, water heaters, etc.

LEAK GUARDIAN - Safety Certified

With regard to safety and use in “potable-type” waters, Aqua-Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN is compounded from basic chemical materials that are generally regarded as safe (GRAS Items) under the provisions of Title 21, Section 182, Code of Federal Regulations, as well as approved under NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water.  Aqua-Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN will perform its sequestering functions in hot water (steam) at water temperatures exceeding 212o F.  Solubility of  the Aqua Solv™ LEAK GUARDIAN Compound is a minimum of 550,000 ppm in water of  77o F temperature at an established feed-rate (PO4) of 2-4 ppm. 16 oz. of LEAK GUARDIAN will treat 35,000 gallons of raw water.  This feed-rate will treat raw water containing a up to 2 ppm of dissolved Iron or Manganese.

Flo-Tec™ - Quality Guaranteed

Flo-Tec Inc. supplies a fully electronic microprocessor based proportioning system. This equipment is "State of the Art," robust, and extremely reliable.  It is housed in a locking, isothalic, fiberglass tank that gives both security and weather protection from the elements.  The electronic pumping equipment has double suction and double discharge valve assemblies with ball and seat configurations. This assures that the pump is highly accurate and will provide long service life. This type of valve configuration is also self-cleaning by design.  Additionally, the Flo-Tec System is the only product on the market that offers a 1-year warranty as standard.

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