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Food Safety & EPA Product Labels



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 Food Safety Certifications & Procedures


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Flo-Tec is looking forward to a very active this year. We have several new products in developementas well as some new claims to be announced on our, already extensive, EPA Peracetic Acid products. We are pioneering a new direction in Ag Water Treatment, recently we added a few new industry leading products to our line of quality water treatment products.


For many years, we have listened to the needs of our customers who have benefited from more than one of our great products. Up until recently that has required them to purchase and handle two separate products to address their needs. Now our in-house R&D Lab has successfully found a way to combine and stabilize some of our existing and most successful products together...THE RESULT...


...MATRIX PLUS, Ultilizes our most successful and broadest spectrum water treatment product, MATRIX-2, and NOW combined with our patented soil treatment compound, GROWERS EDGE. Together in the proper ratio this stabilized product offers unmatched irrigation crop enhancement. Get the performance and protection for your irrigation system offered by Matrix and the benefits of soil treatment, nutrient/water retention of Growers Edge in one easy-to-use, cost effective product.


Another combonation product Flo-Tec launched is our Growers' Edge Ultra® which pairs the nutrient/water retention of Growers Edge with the benefits of Fulvic acid (Humic) improving soil structure, water holding capacity and reduce hardpan. Humic substances are considered detoxifying substances and chelate heavy metals that cause toxic reactions and inhibit nutrient availability in plants.


These are just two of several new products we will be launching in the near future. So stay tuned and your Flo-Tec Sales Representative will keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest Flo-Tec has to offer.


Our very successful EPA registered product Peroxy Punch has a new label with numerous additional claims including "Food Safety" in the Packing House and in the Field. Peroxy Punch's claims are consistent with GAP's and GMP's as well as many other agricultural applications; these claims were approved in early January 2014. We experienced vigorous growth in the Food Safety sector and we look forward to continued growth in this area.


At Flo-Tec Inc. we have made a commitment to "Food Safety", not only with our products but also with service to our clients. Staff members have been trained by PRIMUS in GFS and auditor training, certification by the International HACCP Alliance as Expert Practitioners and Consultants/Auditors and GFSI Approved Schematics for the implementation of HACCP. And we have earned PCQI (Preventative Control Qualified Individual) Certification, this designation is through an extention of the FDA and is now required by the newly published FSMA requirements. Additionally we continue to work on delivering client-oriented and cost-effective water treatment solutions. Our commitment to this approach has placed Flo-Tec at the forefront of the agricultural water treatment industry for over 40 years since our founding in 1976.


Today, our company has thousands and thousands of low-flow irrigated farm and nursery acres where customers use our products to keep irrigation systems operating at peak performance. Additionally, we have many clients that use our line of EPA approved and OMRI listed pesticides to reduce loss due to pests, which, in turn, helps farmers and growers maximize their profits.


Our pledge to our customers is to invent and formulate unique water treatment compounds that provide them with the latest chemical technology and performance, while always keeping an eye on the cost/benefit relationship that they demand.


Flo-Tec has further enhanced support for it's customers, with the addition of our factory-trained dealer network because of its convenience and proximity to their business operations. We have added water-testing training and a custom developed kit for field water testing to provide our dealers with accurate scientific testing methods, taking much of the guesswork out of detecting problems in the field.


Thank you again for visiting our website, and when you have a need for professional agricultural water treatment products and assistance, please give us a call.



John Thomas

John Thomas, President






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1. Introduction video for Growers' Edge™, the revolutionary, smart polymer soil conditioner that maintains moisture and nutrients around plants' root zones, increasing uptake and helping to improve plant vitality and crop yields.


2. Flo-Tec Inc. Growers' Edge™ demonstration video with a graphical representation of how the product works in the soil/subsoil strata.

Flo-Tec has partners in Mexico, Central America and throughout the Caribbean.

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